Kerry: From all-day pain to medication-free in 10 sessions

The Pain: Kerry, age 43, had a history of lower back pain and anterior thigh pain that had been going on for six months. Her pain and stiffness would start in the morning when she woke, improve as she was active throughout the day, and then intensify in the afternoon and evening.

Kerry felt her back would “lock up.” She wasn’t able to sleep well or stand for long periods. She was only able to do limited activities in the afternoon and evening because of her pain. Kerry knew she couldn’t keep relying on her medication. She needed a long-term solution.

The Program: Kerry’s personal physical therapist created a program involving manual physical therapy for her back pain, joint mobility, and muscular spasms. She learned how to exercise and strengthen her trunk and hip muscles and stretch her hip flexors. Because her pain was worse in the mornings, Kerry had an individualized morning program which she did for 10 sessions.

The Result: Kerry no longer has leg pain, and her morning symptoms have improved greatly – and it doesn’t get worse as the day goes on.

Now, Kerry can sleep in any position without disturbance from pain. She recently went on vacation and had a great time!

Do you need a pain-free vacation? Contact us to discuss how we can help you make that happen.

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