Jessica: Resolving her 12-year battle with knee pain over just 7 sessions

The Pain: Jessica, age 31, had a 12-year history of bilateral knee pain around her patellas. A wife and active mother of 3, Jessica needed a long-lasting solution that would allow her to run around with her kids pain free.

Jessica’s knees would regularly give out, and she had difficulty with stairs, squatting to lift her kids, and daily constant pain.

An x-ray showed that Jessica’s knee caps were out of alignment. She had tried yoga and Pilates, but found no improvement.

The Program: Jessica’s personal physical therapist recommended treatment for 6 weeks. She was given a home exercise program to address her significant hip muscle weakness. She was taught transverse friction massage to her patellar tendons to reduce her daily knee pain and promote healing. In the clinic, she was shown progressions for trunk and lower extremity strengthening.

The Result: Jessica completed 7 visits over 7 weeks, and progressed to the ability of being able to squat to lift her kids without pain.

Jessica can now climb stairs with less pain and her knees have not given way at all. She feels stronger and more confident.

Is your pain getting in the way of you taking care of your family? There is hope! Contact us today to learn how we can get you the results Jessica has seen.

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