Erica: From debilitating shoulder pain to easy sleeping in 6 weeks

The Pain: Erica, age 34, was dealing with shoulder pain for over a month. She didn’t know how the pain started, but it was getting worse each day. She wasn’t able to reach forward, over shoulder level, or out to the side.

Erica could no longer take care of her house, do yard work, or work in her childcare job. She also couldn’t sleep on her left side.

The Program: Erica’s personal physical therapist prescribed treatment twice a week for 6 weeks. She received manual physical therapy of joint mobilizations and soft tissue techniques to address joint limitations and the specific irritated tendons and bursa of her shoulder. Erica learned how to strengthen her weak scapular and rotator cuff muscles and stretch her tight pectoral muscles.

The Result: Erica is now able to reach her arm in all directions without pain. She is able to lift and carry her child with ease and take care of her house and yard.

After the 6-week program, Erica was able to return to her job in childcare.

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