Telehealth: Making Quality Care Affordable & Convenient

Accessible & Convenient
        With new happenings in the world, new obstacles, and new technology, it was only a matter of time for Telehealth
    to become a more accepted practice in healthcare. At Strive, we have been quick to learn and adapt in order to
    provide patients with the best care possible.
    Alina King is a therapist at our Mullica Hill location who spent a few months of 2020 taking the lead on telehealth
    visits for the Mullica Hill team. We asked her a few questions to learn more about telehealth and how we can best
    utilize it to help avoid interruptions in care and continue working toward goals.
Why choose telehealth?
    Telehealth is a great option for:
        – Lack of transportation to appointments
        – Vacations
        – Travelling for work
        – Rescheduling a visit, but have a tight time constraint
        – Required quarantine periods where you are still healthy

What can I expect from a telehealth visit?
        You can expect to be 1:1 on video with an experienced physical therapist. The therapist will adapt the
    treatment plan in a creative way to utilize what equipment and items you have in your home, to continue
    working toward your goals.
What do I need for my appointment?
        You need a space to move around, video and audio access and an email address. Once you make the
    appointment, we will email you the link for the video. All you have to do is click, and you’re in!
How can I prepare for the appointment?
        The same way as for an in-person visit! Wear comfortable clothes and set yourself up in a space you can
    move around in.
What if I need hands-on or in-person care?
        We can discuss ways of carried out mobilization techniques in dependently, or we can plan for you to
    attend an in person visit at your earliest convenience.
How long will the sessions be?
    Video sessions will be around 45 minutes.
What is the cancellation policy?
        We prefer to have 24hr notice, but we also understand if last minute obligations arise. Let us know when
        you need to cancel, and we will do everything we can do reschedule you for as soon as possible!
    Alina King PT, DPT, TPT, LSVT Big
    More questions about Telehealth?
    Email Alina at [email protected]

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