Get Swimming.

At the STRIVE Swim Science Center, located in the Moorestown Field House Facility, our goal is to combine the science of physical therapy with the real life experience of championship level swim training.

We do this to allow all levels of competitive swimmers to train without pain, without interruption of training and to enable them to race with the full confidence in their physical abilities and technique.


About Swim Science Center

At Swim Science Center, we want swimmers to achieve the maximum out of this great sport. More than any other exercise, swimming uses the greatest number of muscles in the body. In an Endless Pool, you swim against a consistent current which offers unique benefits over land-based exercise: improved strength and stamina with no trauma to joints, tendons, or bones. Swimming against a current also means no need for turning and pushing off. No matter your fitness level, it’s a much more concentrated and efficient workout.

Athletes will be evaluated by Dean Hutchinson, MPT and USA Coach. He brings 16 years of physical therapy experience along with years of Elite Swimming and 20 years of Elite Coaching at both collegiate and club levels.

As a Division 1 All-American at Auburn, Dean understood and was committed to the concept of self-evaluation and peer teaching.

Through his pursuit of a graduate degree in Physical Therapy, Dean not only studied swimming technique in the context of his academic work, but as a licensed Physical Therapist, he has also amassed countless hours of clinical experience managing swimming athletes’ injuries, resulting from a pounding repetition of poor mechanics.

Coach Hutchinson has trained under the best coaches in the world and swam for the best coaches in the world. Coaching has been his personal lab to test what works, what doesn’t work and what causes injury and failure for our aquatic athletes.

At STRIVE Swim Science Center, you will learn to eliminate bad habits which make swimming painful and build strokes and technique that will make you successful at all levels. The Endless Pool Elite, a counter-current swimming machine that is revolutionizing swim instruction. The Elite offers the fastest, smoothest swim current available in any swimming machine, with a standard swim area of 8’W x 14’L x 39″D.

Swim Programs

Elite Swim Training

  • Elite High School
  • College
  • Olympic
  • High Level Triathlete

Competitive Swim Training

  • Competitive
  • Early in Career
  • Progressive Training

Elite Swim Training

  • Young
  • 4-8 Range
  • Pre-K
  • Youth Organization
  • Beginners

We offer one-hour lessons, packages of four one-hour lessons, and video analysis (includes take home notes and a video of all four strokes emailed to you).


Swim Science Center Price Structure

Single Lesson: $150/visit

Elite Coach Pricing: $150 for 1 hour or $530 for 4-pack with Dean Hutchinson 

Elite Coach Pricing: $100 for 1 hour or $380 for 4-pack with Danielle Bordi


For Children

Learn to Swim Program: $39 Registration Fee | $130/month per swimmer | 10% Sibling Discount


For Adults

Single Lesson: $130/visit

Video Analysis: Video Analysis can be added in any Standard Private Lesson

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