Vertigo can be one of the most intimidating neurological diagnoses to experience. We utilize vestibular rehabilitation therapy (VRT) to identify the source of your dysfunction and develop a plan for healing.

Vertigo is the sensation of one’s surroundings spinning. Strive PT physical therapists have experience in the identification and treatment of vertigo. If vertigo is from the vestibular system (inner ear), physical therapists can help to reduce and resolve these symptoms after a couple of treatments. Physical therapy for vertigo treatment will help to either gradually or immediately improve the symptoms of dizziness. It will also include improving balance and muscle strength and tension surrounding the neck.

Common Causes of Vertigo

A variety of things can cause vertigo. One cause is benign paroxysmal positional vertigo (BPPV), in which calcium deposits in the inner ear block the inner ear’s signal with the brain. This can be caused for no apparent reason and is very treatable. This causes the perception of spinning especially with transitions of movement, like standing up or rolling over in bed. Vertigo can also be caused by an inner ear infection, a migraine, a tumor blocking the signaling in the inner ear (acoustic neuroma) or occur for no apparent reason (idiopathic). Although this sounds scary, your physician and physical therapist will help you discover the cause of your symptoms, so make an appointment today!

How to Treat Vertigo

If your PT determines your vertigo can be improved by exercise you will begin to work on a program to reduce your symptoms. The goal of this program is to gradually introduce movement to allow your body to accommodate without dizziness. It includes head, neck, and eye movements to reduce the spinning sensation, neck mobility exercises, and balance exercises. Your PT may also assign neck and upper extremity strengthening and stretching exercises. If you have BPPV, your physical therapist will teach you specific whole-body maneuvers to improve the signal from your brain to the inner ear and improve your symptoms quickly.

How Physical Therapy Can Help

What is the best treatment for vertigo? Exercise is often the answer to gradually reduce the spinning sensation. Your physical therapist will work to ensure your treatments are comprehensive and will aim to prevent the return of your vertigo. They will educate you on the cause, on activities to avoid, and on how to implement their exercise program into your daily life. Your PT will refer you to another provider if they cannot help improve your dizziness. Many PTs specialize in vertigo and enjoy helping patients return to their normal life!

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Mark knew what he was doing; in all my years of therapy Mark was the best. He gave me Physical Therapy that worked for me. He knows his career very well. He knows what the patient needs to get better. Thank you so much!

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